An inspirational memoir by Sameer Bhide

The amazing story of struggle to come back from the brink with the help of a diverse community of friends and caretakers, as well as an integration of Western medicine with Eastern holistic care.

One fine day means  life can and will change for good or bad—whether that change is physical or emotional, big or small, personal or professional, planned or sudden, for anyone rich or poor, Black or white, old or young. The change could be any adversity, such as physical illness, layoff, divorce, loss of a loved one, the coronavirus pandemic. Good life changes might be marriage, the birth of a child, promotion, or retirement. All these changes alter our life’s trajectory and results in a new normal which requires successful adaptation. One fine day we all will have to face a new normal. When your day comes, what will you do?

Who am I?


Sameer's life was normal and predictable ever since he moved from India to the United States 30 years ago. He had achieved the quintessential American dream – worked for many global companies, a loving family with a wife and two sons, a beautiful house, a sports car and a comfortable lifestyle. However, one fine day his entire life came crashing down.


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Sameerisms are the many lessons learned and experiences from his journey which he sincerely hopes will help you or a loved one face any adversity


One Fine Day

live launch

8th December 2020

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