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An inspirational memoir by Sameer Bhide

The amazing story of struggle to come back from the brink with the help of a diverse community of friends and caretakers, as well as an integration of Western medicine with Eastern holistic care.


ONE FINE DAY is a transformational memoir about my illness and experiences dealing with adversity and how I came back from the brink of hopelessness/death with the help of my diverse community of friends, caregivers, colleagues and others in my adopted country (USA) and my country of birth (India) besides my family as well as an integration of Western medicine with Eastern holistic care. I believe my story will motivate and inspire you to face life changes or adversity with positivity, grace and gratitude.

What people are saying


The power of positivity - Loved the captivating and inspiring story! The story was really engaging as you followed Sameer from the day of his stroke through his recovery with an honest recount of the entire ordeal. What was unique was the interesting mix of Western medicine and non-traditional Eastern practices as well as Sameer's positive spirit. Despite some notable setbacks he continued to remain positive and to accept "it is what it is." It is particularly relevant and inspiring in the current environment.

Jody Trypak



One Fine Day live launch

8th December 2020

(Video Preview)

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