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'An award winning transformational memoir'

The amazing story of struggle to come back from the brink with the help of a diverse community of friends and caretakers, as well as an integration of Western medicine with Eastern holistic care.

If your sense of mission is strong, nothing will stand in your way. Nothing.


One fine day means  life can and will change for good or bad—whether that change is physical or emotional, big or small, personal or professional, planned or sudden, for anyone rich or poor, Black or white, old or young. The change could be any adversity, such as physical illness, layoff, divorce, loss of a loved one, the coronavirus pandemic. Good life changes might be marriage, the birth of a child, promotion, or retirement. All these changes alter our life’s trajectory and results in a new normal which requires successful adaptation. One fine day we all will have to face a new normal. When your day comes, what will you do?

Who is Sameer Bhide?


I grew up in Mumbai, India. I completed my bachelor's degree in Accounting and played competitive badminton and cricket. I moved to the United States 31 years ago as an international student, completing my Bachelor's in Management and an MBA. Then I worked for several global companies for many years in Cleveland and Boston before settling down in Northern Virginia, outside Washington DC since 2002. My life was normal and predictable and like many immigrants I had lived the quintessential American dream - great job, loving family, a beautiful house, and a sports car till that fateful day in January 2017 when my entire life came crashing down and changed forever. Currently I am on Long Term Disability and lives in Vienna, Virginia.


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In One Fine Day, after each chapter I have lessons learned from my journey which I call them Sameerisms. Besides those, I have additional ones including some which also apply to the business world.

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