Building Resilience

Over the past almost four years, since I have faced so many adversities, many people have asked me how did I build this resiliency. My answer to them is that - I am no different from many other folks. I don't have any magic powers which have made me stronger. But circumstances made me resilient. Resilience to me is something you don’t fully know you have until you need it. But the amount of resilience one has is not limited. I read somewhere, its like a muscle, you can build it up - so true. For one to be resilient, first you have to "accept" your current situation the way it is not what you wish or think you deserve. It all starts with "acceptance" and in One Fine Day I have a motif throughout the book "it is what it is". Each one of us are born with some amount of resilience, but more importantly it can be learnt and developed. There is always a way to navigate your adversities and work towards creating a better life.

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