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The Art of the possible – Finding possibilities where most people would see none

Over the last four years, as I faced several adversities and life changes, my overall philosophy has been to “try everything” which may have a chance to heal my mind, body, and spirit. I said to myself “when in doubt just try it”. I went with the thinking that the things I tried may or may not work – but it was job to try. For my recovery from the stroke, I tried different therapies/treatments in both Western and Eastern medicine. I used to joke with my therapists and doctors when we were contemplating doing some new therapy or treatment “If it is not going to kill me, let’s try it.” So, I tried different treatments in Eastern medicine and care such as Acupuncture, Energy Healing, Yoga, Meditation, Indian Classical Raga Therapy, Ayurveda, consulting with an astrologer and different healing Ayurvedic Massages. In Western medicine I tried things such as using CBD Oils, Whole-tones frequency-based music therapy, Osteopathy treatments and listening to spiritual discourses.

Soon I will try Botox and Neurofeedback treatments for my headaches and dizziness and explore getting into clinical trials for newer treatments. The Art of the possible philosophy applies not just for medical treatments and therapies but also for other life choices and lifestyle practices. Some of the life changes I have made during the last four years such as doing yoga and meditation, writing a daily journal, consistent workout and healthy eating etc. have assisted my healing. What solidifies the art of the possible philosophy in you is to have a mindset of accepting your current situation the way it is not what you think you want or think you deserve - Learn to play the hand you are dealt.

Although I try everything, I never do anything on my own. I always consult with professionals before trying new things. The pandemic has turned our world upside down – personally and professionally. As we slowly crawl back to some normalcy, individuals, and businesses both alike have to try everything in their power – different strategies and practices to reinvent themselves to face the new normal. Like I said earlier, some of these things you try may or may not work but it is definitely worth trying. Never assume anything about anything. Never give up no matter what you are going through. Keep trying different things. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst—always. Self - Pity and Complaining are not options. As the American entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn says, “How long should you try? Until….”


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