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Toothpaste on a brush

One may wonder if I have lost it – writing about something ordinary like a toothpaste. Every morning when I squeeze some on my toothbrush it invariably reminds me of Life. To me, a full toothpaste tube is like life. All the goodness is in that tube. And every day we use some of that goodness to keep our teeth healthy. Similarly, every day we have to use some of the goodness which the almighty has given us. Like everyone uses a different toothpaste, similarly everyone has a different and unique life, but everyone does have a full one. It is up to each one of us to make sure we utilize things which we have and not which we want or think we deserve.

Over the years I have had the habit of squeezing all of that toothpaste till there is no more in the tube. At the end of the tube I pinch, squeeze, fold and apply different techniques to make sure I had completely used up the toothpaste in the tube. It was not that I could not afford to buy a new one or anything else – I just wanted to use it to the fullest. Maybe it was my middle-class values – not to waste anything. Similarly, we have to live our life to the fullest by using everything available to us – relationships, time, resources etc. Like that habit with the toothpaste, this is a habit I am trying to constantly develop – to live life to the fullest and squeeze everything available to me in my life and not waste anything no matter what situations I am facing. It is especially challenging with the several adversities I am facing – but it is nonnegotiable.

A Toothpaste comes in all sizes, brands and flavors. Our Life is similar – each one of us has distinctive and separate lives. We have to constantly remember that we cannot compare our life with others. We all have to learn to accept that we will live our life at our own pace and variety – and that is perfectly okay. We have to take ownership of the decisions in our life. There will be many suggestions and views from various people on how you should live your life. Most mean well. But at the end of the day only you can evaluate those and decide what route you want to pursue – only you nobody else. As with toothpaste, no one flavor, or brand is better – each one of us will like different flavors and brands. Similarly, no one way of life is better or worse than yours – it is just different. As they say, ‘You have to run your own race’. Some people try to use the same brand and flavor of toothpaste – which is perfectly okay. I try to use different brands and flavors of toothpaste. In the end if you fully maximize the toothpaste in the tube, it does not matter if you use the same brand or not. I try to do the same thing with Life. I try everything – those things may or may not work. My job is to try.

So, let us all find positivity in our lives and embrace each moment with gratitude and humility and live life to the fullest.


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