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What the recent American elections and President-elect Biden mean for India?

Recently, Americans have executed their constitutional duty and voted in record numbers - in person, early voting in person and by mail. I am lucky that I could send my Absentee ballot from 8000 miles away. With Joe Biden elected as the 46th President of the USA, and Indian American, Kamala Harris becoming the first South Asian and first woman to hold the post of Vice President, I am proud to say that the people of America have once again come together to support the true spirit of the nation - it’s diversity! They chose their biggest strength - Diversity. Even though the country is highly divided after the elections, still It is the people of America who have won! American democracy has won.

As far as India goes, I believe Joe Biden will also be a friend of India and continue the policies started by Bill Clinton and continued subsequently by different administrations. The bond between the world's largest democracy and the world's oldest democracy will remain strong and strategic. The partnership is unstoppable. America needs India, India needs America - it works both ways and both the countries have realized that in the last decade.

The United States has taught me more than I think I realized. The country is not perfect, still has a lot of socio-economic and political problems and challenges (What country does not?). It has still long way to go , but from the perspective of someone who’s spent years of their life in other countries, trust me when I say the United States still represents a beacon of hope to the rest of the world. I read somewhere that “equivocation and self-doubt is not the American spirit.” How true! I pray that my adopted country who I dearly love to survive this time of divisiveness and social turmoil. same thing for my country of birth - Both these great nations will!


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